About ECS

ECS is a national firm that offers advice, guidance and advocacy to families seeking change.

ECS consultants are therapeutic and educational placement specialists who offer advice and guidance to help you make the best possible decisions for your family member. ECS guides the family from the initial choice of an out-of-home placement, through that experience, and finally back home or on to the pursuit of life goals. We assess each case and prepare recommendations appropriate to each individual client.

Families report that the most important part of working with ECS is the relationship we nurture and develop over the course of their child’s journey in a program.

Specialty placements require a sophisticated level of education, training, and experience. Our group of highly credentialed professionals has spent decades in education, educational consulting and therapeutic fields. Since its founding in 1994 ECS placed more than 1000 clients in programs and schools that address emotional, behavioral, social, learning and addiction related needs.

We are proud of our high percentage of successful cases and our strong and enduring relationships with families, and our high standards of professionalism. We travel continually to expand our knowledge of resources, participate in on-going professional development, conduct self-evaluations, and continually write on topics relevant to families.

We understand the magnitude of our responsibility to families who entrust us with the safety and health of their children. We take our recommendations for every family personally… that you can count on.

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