What ECS Offers

ECS offers a range of educational and treatment options for our clients. For the school-aged client we recommend schools and programs that address each client's unique educational and therapeutic needs. For our adult clients we recommend programs that address treatment, independent living, career guidance, and/or education.

Options for School-aged children

These options include programs where each client's cognitive, emotional, social, and physical strengths and weaknesses will be addressed. Most of the time they require leaving home to learn new coping skills, develop new insights and let go of old behaviors. Our consultants go through a deliberate process to identify our client's needs, determine criteria for education and/or treatment, and then to develop a specific plan. Once this assessment process is complete, we are able to recommend a customized spectrum of services, both short- (approx. 4-12 weeks) and long-term (3-18 months). The options include:

Short-Term Programs

Long-Term Programs

Options for adults

These options focus on helping our over-18 year-old clients move forward with their lives while successfully coping with emotional, social, psychiatric, substance abuse, cognitive or behavioral issues. As with our school-aged clients, we utilize a deliberate process to develop a unique plan for each client. The range of options, both short- and long-term, available for these clients include:

Additional services

In order to provide our clients with a full spectrum of care, we offer several other services that can facilitate the process and help move our clients forward on their treatment and educational pathways.

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