For Professionals

ECS provides consulting services to families who have exhausted community mental health and school resources. We see out-of-home placement as a last resort for clients who need more support and supervision in applying what skills they may have learned in outpatient or short-term hospitalization.

In a recent ECS survey, that included data from a 10 year period, a vast majority of families found us to be excellent listeners who understand the uniqueness of their child, very approachable, accessible, and thorough.

We help families make decisions involving intervention/treatment and aftercare. We guide them through an exploration of their options and advise them on the most appropriate therapeutic placements and eventually transition-to-home services.

Part of our data gathering includes conversations with professionals who have worked with our client and/or conducted formal evaluations. Our services complement mental health and school professionals who are crucial to maintaining the support needed throughout the therapeutic and educational process and with aftercare.

Quite often parents ask us for referrals to local mental health professionals, educational advocates and special education services in their area. We communicate with professionals to keep them informed of a client’s progress by request and with permission from parents/guardians.

Please contact us if you have a family whose child is in need of more supervision and structure than can be provided within the home, the school, and outpatient services.

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