Retaining ECS

When considering placing a family member of any age in an out-of-home program, it is essential to have the best advice available. Families often get only one opportunity to make such a placement and high quality programs can be expensive. Therefore, it is essential to get this decision right.

98% of clients who answered an ECS survey found us accessible and responsive to their requests.

ECS specialists possess first-hand knowledge of the best private-pay programs in the U.S. With our vast experience in this field, ECS can offer the objectivity, quality control and personalized service necessary to insure that each client is placed in the best and most appropriate program.

Perhaps more importantly, we care about every client and family. In order to make these recommendations ECS uses a deliberate process from identifying needs, to determining criteria, and then developing a specific plan.

Whenever possible, we help the family choose the most appropriate therapist and group for the particular needs and age of the client. Once our clients are placed, we serve as advocates to make sure that they receive the best service and to track their progress in reaching their individualized educational and therapeutic goals.

When the client graduates from the program our job is still not complete. With our experience in transitional services, we continue to guide the client and family for a smooth integration back home or on to the next step.

For a listing of services and fees, please contact ECS.

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