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While there are no guarantees of success, 90% of the parents who responded to an ECS survey reported evidence of real change in their child's life and the relationship with their family.

Struggling Teens - The original resource of Places for Struggling Teens. For nearly 20 years, Lon Woodbury and the Woodbury Reports Educational Consultants have helped families find appropriate placement for their at-risk youth. Place For Struggling Teens has also provided a place for people to learn about the industry of Private, Parent Choice Residential Schools and Programs, through marketing, Press Releases, informative Essays and Articles, Visit Reports and New Perspectives.

NATSAP - The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) website serves as a resource of information about our organization and the members it serves.

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"Why Wilderness Therapy Works" by Patrick Burns
Psychology Today, December 1, 2017